As a producer one of the most critical elements I look for is team fit; the willingness and drive and individual brings to the group.
Mouhsine possesses a top notch skill set, but his passion, enthusiasm for the project and contribution to the team is what sets him apart for me.
I look forward to working with him again.
— RD Wegener Executive Producer at Zynga

Game Environments

Somewhere in Space

This scene was done for a tutorial that is coming in on 3D Artist. Its all rendered in Marmoset 2.0 and just did some compositing in PS to add the sky and planet in the background. Its using 3 tileable textures and 1 decal map. I will post more about it when the magazine issue comes out !

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These are the High Poly model I created to bake the normal maps.

Sci Fi Scene

This Sci Fi scene was inspired by a concept from Halo. It's real time and rendered in Marmoset. All the textures were created from High Poly meshes that I used then to bake my Normal Maps.

Still Renders

Character done by my super talented friend Eric Valdes



Modeled with 3D Max and rendered with Vray

Modeled with 3D Max and rendered with Vray